H1 'This Is The Real Burma' is a 'must-read' The book ‘This Is The Real Burma’ is the first book of Markus Burman's 'This Is The Real Burma' series and a 'must-read' for everyone who wants to learn about the real Burma. Markus is living since about 25 years in this amazing country and there is hardly any other ‘Westerner’ who was or is living in Burma longer than he does. His unparalleled book is like Orwell’s ‘Burmese Days’ and James Scott’s ‘The Burman, His Life And Notions’ unrivalled and Markus is exited to share with you this country of golden pagodas and 1000 smiles he is privileged to call home and about which Rudyard Kipling wrote, ‘This is Burma, and it is unlike any land you know about.’ ‘This Is The Real Burma’ is richly illustrated and deals on the equivalent of some 800 physical book pages extensively and detailed with Burma and the life in it. Markus’s experiences have given him special insight to write about the mysterious and beautiful country Burma. He will take you on an exciting journey in the course of which you will learn how today’s Myanmar came to be, how the people live as Buddhist monks, nuns and lay people, their crafts and arts, what they are producing and how they do it, what they eat and drink, what they like, their believes, customs and manners, what festivals they are celebrating and how they celebrate them, their different histories and cultures, the flowers, fruits and gems of the country, many of Burma's points of interest and their history, and so on and so forth. H1 The author I am German by birth and cosmopolitan by conviction. True to this guiding principle I have worked and lived for more than half of my professional life outside Germany. The last some 2.5 decades I am working and living in Burma, since 1989 called Myanmar, what has made me an authority on the subject of Burma. I am rather introvert by nature and am, therefore, not interested in being the centre of attention; this place I do happily leave to my book. After all, this is not my biography and you are certainly far more interested in a marvellous book about Burma written by an insider than in its author. However, when you read my books you will learn more about me and we may even become friends. H2 The book 'This Is The Real Burma' Why have I written the book ‘This Is The Real Burma’? I have written it because I know that you are looking for a special book on Burma written by and from the viewpoint of an unbiased insider who has experienced and learned many things that are integral part of Burma, its history, its people and their lives so that you can get an objective picture of this mysterious country and the wonderful people living here. This book is authentic and provides a look beneath the surface written by an authority on Burma and not a copy of what others (who most likely have never lived in this country) have written and not a vanity book either. I was looking for the same many years ago but it did not exist. That’s why I have written it. Now it exists and I make it available to you. This book is like the other books of my series a treasure trove for people who want to know the real thing. ‘This Is The Real Burma’ is an unparalleled book in which you will read and learn things that you do not find in any other book about Burma. I am sure that from this book you will fall in love with Burma just as I have long time ago.